Metronomes Team 2022

Name Shirt Number (in numerical order)

David Dawkes-Hall Umpire

Jack Rule Scorer

John Collins 1

Greig Norman 02

Robert Martin 4

Roberta Moretti Avery 5

Andrew Jackson 05

Jimbob 7

Charles Le Versha 07

Gareth Amer 8

Olly French 9

Matt Tuffs 11

Fred Hipkiss 13

Tommy Stewart 14

Lucy Rees 16

Ellie Indie 17

Joel Heritage 19

Matt Ellis 20

David Morgan 21

Mark Machado 23

Charlie Wright 24

Ross 25

Mark Puttick 27

Michael Coleman 31

Issac Lockett (VC) 32

Tom Cerson 36

Ben Bonney (WK) 44

Quinton Boatswain 49

WG Rumblepants Jr. 56

Matthew Parker 63

Bex Coleman (Club Captain) 69/2

Alex Jervis 75 Scorer/Bowler/Tech Wizard/Ashes Winner

Ali Zafar 84

Simon Ashmore (C) 88

WG RumblePants 95

Oliver Wilson 97

Bobson Dugnutt 111

Simon "Cheese" Ashmore #88

Metronomes Playing Captain. Fan of dressing up, and being a metronomes model.

Matt "Sal Vulcano" Tuffs #11

Top order slogger and gate destroyer. Voice off of TV, maker of Tees.

Roberta Moretti Avery #5

Brazilian Cricket Captain. Owner of Jimmy 'the dog' Anderson. 

Mark "The Stat Man" Puttick #27

Bowling wizard even after 10 years. Owner of the best stat tweets.

WG Rumblepants  #95

Artist extraordinaire, owner of an exquisite beard, lover of red balls.

Matthew "Mathel" Parker #63

Lover of Marmite, only started playing cricket in 2022 and already has a wicket!

Ben "GOAT" Bonney #44

Gnomes WK, always in a field as Goats should be. Stands up to fast bowling.

Charlie "Chaz" Wright #24

Best bucket hat, music, life loving incredibleness.

George "Spin King" McMenemy #TBA

Owner of the most iconic bowling style, plays the game in the best way!

Mihails Cdolemans #31

Part time stripper, the rest of the time trying to be the fastest bowler in the west.

Jimbob Himsworth   #7

Opening dogged bat, most likened to Michael Atherton, first class!

Isaac Lockett #32

Gnomes Vice Captain. First wicket taker, energy in the field, lover of Associate Cricket

Bex Coleman Club Captain #69

All the gear with no idea, just (s)winging it and hoping for the best. No quick singles or 3's, really not a fan of prime numbers.

Tom Cerson #36

Music playing, children teaching, cricket playing.

Hard 'C' 

Ross Seggie #25

Mostly nocturnal, makes it impossible not to be happy in his company. Caring, kind epic!

Bobson Dugnutt #111

He spins on his own time. Lover of polls. Glos superfan!

David Dawkes-Hall Umpire

The main man, a pleasure to be around, always asks the perfect questions. Owner of the most delightful baby!

Jack Rule - Scorer

The man in the box. The man with the pens. The creator of the first Metronomes CC scorecard.

Alex Jervis

Scorer, Bowler, Tech Wizard. Owner of the most cheeky smile, always with a can do attitude... oh, and did we mention Ashes winner!?!